“All About Me” Meme

“Ugh, one of these”. Shhh… I had to because I’m bored and it looked fun.

All About Me

– Name: Jonathin
– Single or taken: Single and ready to fix your router
– Sex: Buy me dinner first
– Birthday: 15 Dec, 1997
– Sign: Horse-dude with the pointy thing
– Hair color: Brown
– Eye color: Green
– Height: Tall enough
– Are you straight/bisexual/gay?: Gay af


– What kind of shampoo do you use?: Tea Tree
– What are you listening to right now?: In general? Dunno why, but a lot of Ed Sheeran
– Who is the last person that called you?: My dad
– How many buddies are online right now?: 5


– Animal: Aww, you’re going to make me pick one?
– Colour: Green
– Drink: Coffee
– Element: Uranium
– Food: Mexican
– Game: Rust
– Movie: Interstellar
– Song: Deep House, Metal, Classical, Old Country (think FO:NV)
– Subjects in school: Anything computer related
– TV: Burn Notice, Law and Order: SVU

Have You Ever…

– Given anyone a bath?: No
– Smoked?: Heh… yeah. Maybe once or twice…
– Bungee jumped?: Fuck no. Miss me with that shit.
– Made yourself throw up?: Yes
– Skinny dipped?: Hell no
– Ever been in love?: Yeah
– Made yourself cry to get out of trouble?: I think once
– Pictured your crush naked?: Fuck yeah
– Actually seen your crush naked?: Sort of
– Cried when someone died?: Yes
– Lied: Yes
– Fallen for your best friend?: Yes
– Used someone?: Yes
– Done something you regret?: Yes


– Clothes: Black t-shirt, black jeans and blue plaid boxer shorts
– Desktop picture: Black Void
– CD in player: N/A
– DVD in player: N/A

Last Person…

– You touched: I’d tell you, but I can’t
– Hugged: My grandmother
– You kissed: My ex-FWB
– You IMed: My old friend
– Talk to online: My Discord buds
– You sexed it up with: Guy I met up with from Growlr (yes, he wore protection)

Are you…

– Understanding?: I mean, I try to be
– Open-minded?: Again, I try to be
– Arrogant?: Yes
– Insecure?: YES
– Random?: banana
– Hungry?: No
– Smart?: I mean, I feel smart when people ask me to fix their computers
– Moody?: “ArE yOu MoOdY?”
– Organized?: Hell no
– Shy?: no…
– Difficult?: I dunno
– Bored easily?: Yes
– Entertained easily?: I can always find something to keep my two brain cells occupied (hence why I’m writing this)
– Obsessed?: Yessir
– Lazy?: Oh god yes
– Happy?: No
– Hyper?: I can be
– Trusting?: Sometimes too trusting


– In the morning: I wake up, roll over onto my gut and smash my hands between my face and my pillow so I can still breathe. Don’t ask how it works. Even I can’t explain it.
– Love is: something I’ve never felt by anyone else except family.
– I dream about: nothing. At the very least, I just never remember them.
– What do you notice first in the sex you’re into: Their sexual bits. It sounds so shallow, but my mental issues have slowly turned me into this type of person.


– Makes you laugh the most: my Discord buds
– Makes you smile: Everyone who smiles at me. It’s contagious!
– Gives you a funny feeling when you see him/her: I’d tell you, but I can’t

Do you ever…

– Sit on the internet all night waiting for that special someone to message you?: No
– Wish you were a member of the opposite sex?: No
– Wish you were younger?: Yes
– Cry because someone said something to you?: Sometimes


– Of times I have had my heart broken?: 0
– Of Cd’s: Too many. Thank god ISOs can be written to USB Drives now
– Of scars on my body: 1
– Of bones I’ve broken: 1

This was fun.

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