Character Sheet for Bruce Schmitt

Anthropomorphic German Shepherd in nothing but a pair of white briefs

Bruce is a well-toned German Shepherd from Lockwood, NV. He was born in Fernley and lived there for about 16 years before he moved out of Nevada completely to become Nikolai’s next door neighbor. He works as a mechanic out of a local auto shop that his grandfather owned. In his free time, he can be found working on various cars he has parked in his back yard.

He’s a bit boisterous at times, but in a good way. He’s very generous and rarely gets angry at anything. He’s also a bit reserved but has a relatively open mind. During the day, you’ll hear all different types of music coming from his house.

For whatever reason, he has a strange aversion to wearing clothes. Whenever clothing is optional, he can be found in nothing but his skivvies. Despite making it clear that he’s not gay, Nikolai always felt like there was something he was trying to cover up. This is because Bruce was automatically more warm towards him when Nikolai’s sexuality came up in a conversation.

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