Migrated to ViceTemple

So if you missed it on Twitter, I’ve transferred my domain and website over to ViceTemple, a reasonably-priced adult web hosting service.

Why did I do this?

Well put simply, I’m sure that 1&1 IONOS wasn’t going to put up with me violating their Terms and conditions for much longer. According to their Terms and Conditions:

8.6.   You agree and warrant that Your Data shall not violate any Laws concerning obscenity and shall not contain or link to any pornography, or depictions of bestiality, rape, sexual assault, violence, torture or disfigurement, or other content deemed objectionable by IONOS, in its sole discretion.

As much as 1&1 IONOS has had my back for all these years, I unfortunately had to break ties with them to avoid potential legal backlash. I hope that you can all understand and know that my opinion of 1Und1 has not changed in the slightest.

If you’re not hosting adult content on your website, then I would highly recommend giving 1&1 IONOS a shot. Their support team is top shelf, and you even get an account specialist assigned to you! They’ve never led me astray, and I know that if you give them a chance, they wont let you down.