Request Colouring

I am over the age of 18.I am not over the age of 18.My age does not matter, as this is not an NSFW piece.

Artwork that I will not colour:

-Fatfurs (rolls where there should not be rolls, etc.)
-Crossgender/transgender characters (to steer clear of potential debate/drama)
-Diaper/babyfurs (I do not support ABDL or any derivative)
-Fart/scat/watersports (for obvious reasons)
-Overtly-feminine males (you do you, but that's a hard no from me)
-Living inflatables (too shiny and complicated, and not my thing)
-Extreme blood/gore in any context
-Necrophilia (again, for obvious reasons)
-Any artwork from Jasonafex or Kabier (Long story)
-Comics longer than 2 A4 (297 by 210MM) and artwork with lot of intricate details (not fair to the time of other requests)

Please note that if I reach out to you, requesting to colour your art that may fall under any of these categories that it is obviously exempt.

I would like a copy of the .sai2 file when you are finished.I would not like a copy of the .sai2 file when you are finished.

This contract may occasionally be amended. Amendments may be made without warning. Whether you are informed of the amendments or not, your submission of this form indicates your acceptance of any new terms.