The Story of Linicks

Since I made the dumb mistake to make a WikiFur article on myself, and a certain user won’t allow me to revert it, I might as well explain what happened just to set the record straight.

Before I go on any further, I really don’t know why I said the “despite a clear link” part. I am the original author of Faux-Pa, so using that tone to incriminate myself was a very dumb mistake. I’ve honestly moved on from this entire situation (if you can even call it that…), but seeing as how I have some alternative opinions about things happening in the furry fandom and world, I know people will try to use it against me. You may find that I use offensive language when speaking to friends, but I am not racist, homophobic, transphobic or otherwise. This is just me being edgy, so if this is the hill you want me to die on, then it better be a damn large hill to fit the entirety of Reddit/4chan/etc. I find that the more offended people get when others use certain words, the more the words become powerful.

Around 3 years ago, on 31 October of 2016, I was accused and banned from for going into the Furnet IRC channel #e621 and impersonating an admin (Ratte). The person who had done this had then spammed (and I quote) “FUCK NIGGERS” over and over (Paste from an admin used to incriminate).

Just like I said in the email that I sent to NotMeNotYou upon realizing that I was banned, I was not in the IRC channel when this happened. This IRC nonsense happened several hours before I made, in hindsight, a cringy “open letter” to admins because my shitty art was being denied. I wouldn’t have spammed racial slurs in their chat then proceeded to create an “open letter” where I expected people to take me seriously. I’m glad they didn’t. Still, it took a great deal of persuasion to let me back onto the website. I had to go behind NMNY’s back and get the other admins to side with me (which wasn’t easy), and I’m not proud of having to do this.

I still stand by the fact that I was not the one to spam racial slurs in their IRC channel. I don’t know if my account was compromised, considering the person who did this was using the built-in IRC client on e621 at the time, Mibbit. With this client, it was directly attached to my e621 username and password protected through FurNet as well, so I have no clue how they were able to impersonate me impersonating an admin to be a racist troll.

One of the main reasons I’m creating this post that seems like old drama is because WikiFur craves completeness. Despite blanking the article twice, it has been reverted several times to it’s original state. I figured it was a good chance to clear the air, so I said “Fuck it, might as well”.

I’m not asking anyone to believe me, considering the only people who will see my WikiFur page won’t care anyways as they have their own agenda. To quote one of my favourite games:

Just… remove the Dedsec part and replace it with “I have”. Feel free to cringe.