Looking to tip me, but don’t want your tip to be put on blast by FurAffinity, Patreon or Ko-Fi? Excellent! Thank you for your generosity! Luckily I have many cryptocurrency wallets that I can accept tips to. Even if I don’t have a wallet for your specific coin/token, it’ll be super easy for me to start one.

Unfortunately, due to how chaotic cryptocurrency has gotten over the past couple of years, I will not supply my direct Wallet Addresses here for anyone to lookup. I use CoinBase and FreeWallet to receive all crypto tips. You can find how to do so below:

CoinBase: [email protected]

If you do not have a CoinBase account, I would highly recommend getting one and checking out CoinBase Earn. Just pay attention to the videos, and you’ll earn free cryptocurrency for your time! If you start out with the Stellar Lumens lesson and use this link, then you help me out too!

You can also send a tip via PayPal!

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